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The Guest Room Podcast

Larry Ganni hosts an almost weekly podcast with a rotating cast of friends (including his wife, the brilliant Dr. Jessica Ganni) in which they talk about various pop-culture topics including movies, television, music, even the occasional book. An aspiring musician, Larry also attempts to entertain with his somewhat above average drumming and rather middle of the road vocals. The conversations are friendly, funny, occasionally vulgar, and often heartfelt. Sit back, put your feet up, and enjoy your stay in The Guest Room!

Feb 22, 2018

Old friends Cadwell and Elliot are back this week to talk about the latest entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, director Ryan Coogler's Black Panther. After some critiques of the film through a political lens (mostly by Cadwell) and some minor gripes about CGI boss fights, the trio get into what they love about the film, the characters, the actors, specific moments, and where it stands among the best of the MCU. There are some minor audio issues that get worked out by the 3:50 mark.